You can maintain optimal climatic conditions in your greenhouses without burning gas

High-tech greenhouses require precise control of temperature and humidity to ensure optimal production throughout the year. To do this large amounts of heat and/or cooling are required. These are produced by consuming large quantities of fossil fuels, resulting in high operating costs and a high environmental impact.

Our solution based on solar thermal allows the production of heat and/or cooling going to cover from 10% to 100% of the thermal needs of greenhouses, allowing a drastic reduction in consumption and therefore in operating costs.

We ensure competitive return on investment;
Possibility of entering into a heat purchase contract. We finance, build and operate the solar thermal system at your location and sell you the thermal energy at an agreed, fixed price.


Suitable for greenhouses that need heating with temperatures up to 90°C
Suitable for greenhouses that need cooling with temperatures down to 7°C
Typical processes: integration with the existing water circuit for heating and cooling the greenhouse, integration with a heat pump, product treatment (washing, drying or desiccation), air conditioning of warehouses for storage and processing of the cultivated product;
Our systems connect in parallel to the existing heating/cooling system, minimizing greenhouse interventions and maximizing fossil fuel savings.

Solutions for specific sectors