We facilitate the energy transition of the industrial and residential sectors through our solar thermal solutions

SOLHO is a high-tech company that designs, builds and manages solar systems in the industrial, agricultural and residential sectors.

We have years of experience in developing renewable systems with a focus on thermal solutions.

Why do customers choose us?

We create ad hoc projects to meet their needs
We have extensive experience in complex national and international partnerships
We rely on a strong network of partners

We want a cleaner and more sustainable world

In Europe, more than 50% of energy is consumed in the form of heating or cooling. 80% of this demand is met by burning fossil fuels.

With SOLHO, we have chosen to work with the sun because it allows us to help our customers obtain clean energy at a competitive cost, accelerating the transition to renewable energy.

Our activities are in line with the ONU Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and our work drives the achievement of 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

If you also want to reduce your carbon footprint, choose a SOLHO solar system.

Honors and awards

In recent years, we have received several recognitions and awards that encourage us to continue improving our technologies.


We are an international team of experts with unique know-how


We believe in the importance of a network of selected partners to always offer the best and most innovative solution to our customers. We work with several universities and companies around the world.