We develop solar thermal systems for industrial and residential applications

We design, build and manage large solar thermal system for the industrial, agricultural and residential sectors.

We transform the clean and inexhaustible energy of the sun into heat and cooling 24/7 to run your business without burning fossil fuels and cutting costs.

We generate 100% renewable heat and cooling for industrial and residential processes where steam and hot or cold water are needed to heat, cool, pasteurize, dry, wash, sterilise, cook, bleach or dye.

We work with different industries including: agri-food, paper industry, textile, oil & gas, district heating, greenhouses, the hotel industry including SPAs and sports facilities.

Our plants are designed to scale and can meet any need.

The advantages of our solutions

reduction of operating costs
simple and without stops integration with the pre-existing system
return on investment less than 3 years
installation also on roofs or industrial sheds
zero emissions
adapt to all climatic areas and terrain conformations

How it works

Our solar thermal systems transform the sun’s energy into heating (hot water up to max 95°C) and cooling (cold water up to 7°C) as needed. SOLHO replaces gas with solar to reduce emissions, eliminate dependence on fossil fuels and significantly reduce costs.

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The solar field captures the sun's energy
The collected energy is converted into heat and/or cooling and is stored
Stored energy is drawn when needed to heat or cool your process
All operation is autonomous thanks to our control algorithms

Solutions for specific sectors