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With an energy diagnosis we evaluate your heat needs and guarantee the correct sizing of the solar thermal system to streamline processes and reduce production costs.

Sale of the plant
turnkey service

servizi solho
Buy a solar thermal system that covers up to 100% of your thermal energy needs, we offer you the monitoring and maintenance service.
  • The return on investment is less than 3 years compared to an average useful life of the plant of 20 years.
  • You have no risk of missing supplies or fluctuations in market price.

Heat purchase contract
(HaaS, Heat as a Service)

servizi solho
We finance, build and operate the solar thermal system at your site and sell you the thermal energy at an agreed and fixed price.
  • You buy the energy you need at a lower price than today's market.
  • You have the guarantee of a fixed price, with no risk of uncontrolled growth or lack of supplies.

With both solutions we are able to guarantee high saving services compared to current spending and a low environmental impact

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