Claire Tange


About me

I graduated from TU Delft with an MSc in Chemical Engineering degree, but my vocation was the financial sector.

I graduated as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and worked as an investment banker for 6 years, between London and Amsterdam.

This experience was very valuable to me when I took on the role of CFO of Fastned, the company that builds and exploits fast-charging stations for electric cars in Europe. Fastned is now listed on Euronext. Following Fastned, I was the founding CFO of Dott, a kick scooter company that I helped to grow from 0 to 250 employees, to 15 European cities in 6 countries.

In addition to being CFO of SOLHO, I am the founder Joanna Invests: a community for women that want to invest in women changing the world. I love companies that make the world a better place!